Do you miss a delicious snack from your favourite local food outlet or eatery? And, you can’t go outside because you’re occupied at home, with family or friends. Not every shop is listed on the big food delivery apps. So, how do you order food offline? You do it with us, on WHIDE. That’s the first and only platform which offers you such an exclusive and unique service. You get “Trusted Riders” to deliver your food hot and on time!


A lot of small shops and stores are not listed online or on the big shopping platforms. They don’t have the money to do so or enough margin of profit to make it through. We are helping them list themselves on our platform and continue their businesses. You can order anything from these shops and let a Trusted Rider pick it up for you. We all need to stand up for people who need help, both you and us. Let’s do it together!


It’s not just rides that you can enjoy with us. If you have a car and don’t want to drive it for a few hours or a day or maybe you’re unwell or have just enjoyed your happy hours, you can hire a driver instead! Simply select your pick-up point where your vehicle is parked and your drop location. The rest will be handled with care by your Trusted Driver. You can book it for Part-Time, Full-Time and on Hourly-Basis. There’s no platform that offers you such a tailored service in India. Hire a Trusted Driver today!


Suppose you want to self-drive a car which is of your friend or known person or you want to give your car to the other person. In that case, WHIDE gives you special privileges of tracking the car to ensure your friend or family member or well-wisher reach their destination safely. It’s useful for the security of both your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle and also that of people travelling in it. So, WHIDE is not about just making money but helping each other in society and growing together as responsible individuals.