You often go to a local apparel shop or know a good electronics store. You’re busy at the moment and want someone else to shop from there on your behalf as they might not be listed on any online shopping portal or have their own. To solve this issue, we have introduced the special feature offline shopping on the WHIDE app. You just enter the name of your favourite store and name of the item you want to buy. You will simply get it delivered to you or anyone else you want to, on the very same day!


Many people don’t have time to go to the local vegetable/fruit market or grocery shop to get everyday food and kitchen items. Grocery is an essential thing and you need essential service to keep up with your daily grocery needs. When you can’t personally go to get your grocery or tell someone else to, simply open the WHIDE App and place your order from any nearby grocery store or food/vegetable. Your Trusted Dispatcher will be happy to deliver the items you want to you. Just choose the item and the number, pay the cost of the items and a small delivery charge, and you’re done! Believe us, it will be far less costlier than any other platform or service.


Medicines and hygiene-related products are crucial for human health. They have a great role in modern lifestyle and to safeguard personal wellbeing and that of your loved ones. Sometimes, you’re unwell and unable to go to the chemist to get your medicines. You might be alone or too busy to do that. WHIDE gives you this power to get all your necessary things from any nearby medical store that might not be listed on any online shopping portal, and you know that the particular medicine(s) or any other medical item you want is available there. You can simply order it from the app. Just type in the item name and place the order. A Trusted Dispatcher will be on his way to deliver!


Imagine, you’re enjoying your leisure time on a Sunday afternoon. You are tired because of heavy office work the whole last week. You just want to take rest and not go out anywhere. But you need to buy a couple of things from a nearby/local clothing store and also something from an electronic store. You don’t have anyone to help you with this task by going there in person and getting those items for you. What will you do now? Open the WHIDE App, enter store location and delivery location (whether your house or someone else’s place) and enter the necessary details of the item like name, type and the number of each item you want to buy. As soon as the order is placed, a Trusted Dispatcher will be on his way to complete this task for you, with love and care!