WHIDE is a revolutionary RIDE AND DELIVERY APP, that runs on TRUST & NO-COMMISSION. For the first time ever, we have found the perfect way to get through all your daily travel and delivery needs with trusted drivers at the BEST AND HONEST FARES.

Ride out of town, rent a cab, pick anything up from an unlisted store or get and send anything from anywhere with your trusted drivers. And, all this can be managed from a single app!

So, you would ask, “WHAT ARE TRUSTED DRIVERS & DELIVERY PARTNERS?” If you like the services of a driver/rider and want them to regularly serve you, you can add them as your trusted driver/rider. Simple! Essentially, you GET A CHAUFFEUR AT NO COST. Won’t that be a hassle-free, premium experience?

At the core of our beliefs is a vision that “CREATION BELONGS EQUALLY TO EVERYONE”. That’s why WHIDE CHARGES NO COMMISSION FROM ITS DRIVER-PARTNERS, RESTAURANTS, SHOPS. We urge you to support our drivers & delivery riders. In a way, you’re contributing to the community. And, since we charge no commissions, YOU ALSO END UP PAYING LESS. Even, there is NO SURGE PRICING! We have got you totally covered.