Introducing Your



Adding a Trusted Driver is very simple. Any driver with who you have a good experience as a customer, can become a Trusted Driver for you. You can select and add any driver you like to your Trusted Drivers’ list. Simply tap on the ‘Trusted Driver’ option and choose your driver. Then tap on the ‘Add’ button. Next time you want to take a ride, you can directly give the ride to him only on the app itself.


You get a completely hassle-free experience with the WHIDE platform and the drivers/assistants/dispatchers associated with it. You must have faced inconvenience everytime a ride is complete and you have to give the driver rating on the basis of your experience. Well, we have simplified it. Now, you have to rate a driver only once and not again and again. And, you can change the rating later if you want.


Your security is paramount to us. With Trusted Drivers comes trust and faith. When you feel secured, you can also send your loved ones with that driver, even during odd timings and wee hours. Your Trusted Driver knows your home and office address, so you don’t have to tell him the exact pick-up and drop location every time. Also, a Trusted Driver is less likely to cancel the ride. Every customer, driver and dispatcher will be assigned a unique wCODE as their identity. This will further ensure the security of your family.


For the first time in the world, you get a platform where drivers get trust-ratings from female passengers, as per their experience with each of the drivers they take their rides with. This helps to identify a woman the drivers with the best Female Trust Rating points. They can conveniently choose who they want to ride with. If you’re a woman, you’re empowered, if you're a man you get peace of mind.


Your Trusted Driver gives you rides, takes care of other related tasks in your daily life and assists you in important and crucial scenarios. He is not just a driver to you, isn’t it? Essentially, you get a personal assistant and chauffeur at no extra cost! You’re not just a random customer for them but an important person, like a family member for the drivers working with WHIDE. Plus, there’s easiness in the entire exchange.


The safety of belongings is always a concern for any customer availing cab/taxi service in India. Since you have your own Trusted Drivers, your valuables items and belongings are completely safe. It’s like travelling in your family vehicle or your friend’s car. Sometimes, you forget something costly or important in a cab. Now, how would you get it back? You cannot contact the driver directly as the number is system generated and won’t go to him after the ride is over and the customer service doesn’t help much. WHIDE is the answer.