CAB RIDES Brought to You By WHIDE

On the WHIDE platform, you get a variety of rides to choose from – be it a regular city-ride, a rental one or an outstation trip. We have all the services ready for you. And the best part is our “Trusted Driver” feature. Now, travel with someone you trust. But how do you trust any driver? Continue reading to know more.


What is different in our regular everyday cab-rides? Trusted Driver, Female Trust Rating, No Surge Pricing and Transparent Fare are some of the unique things that we offer you like none other. Try using our services and you would get to know the difference. And, one more thing, we don’t charge any commission to our Driver-Partners, which in turn further reduces your fare. See? This is the magical part!


So, who are the Trusted Drivers that we have been referring to? Well, it’s your driver only. A driver that you have known to be a trustworthy person, which you were comfortable on your last ride. You can add that driver to the list of your Trusted Drivers and bingo! He knows where you live and work… Where you often go out. So, you don’t have to tell him your exact pick and drop points every time you book a ride!


Are you tired of changing your driver when you go out on an outstation trip, especially to a tourist location? Here’s something new for you. We are going to give you a trusted driver for an entire trip of yours and that too at a relatively lesser price than most of the service providers available in the market. Also, the fare is accurately calculated as per the exact distance travelled because of our industry-leading GPS device installed in every cab.


Rental rides are available for a few hours to the whole day. You essentially get a driver to take you through places and also help you do other important things such as offline shopping and parcel delivery, like a personal assistant. And, all this is covered under one-single package. So, you don’t have to worry about multiple billing and soaring expenses.


Now, you can schedule a daily-recurring ride for up to a week in advance. You just have to enter your scheduled timing and pick-up and drop locations for the routine rides you are planning to take, for example, from home to office and vice versa. This custom-ride feature is simply not available with any other cab-ride app operational in India.


Mobile GPS and Location-Based Apps (like for cab/taxi services) can never give you the exact location and distance, because of technical reasons (Internet and server-related). As a result, you end up paying more for every cab ride that you take. To resolve this issue, we have installed Letstrack’s Real-Time & Voice-Enabled GPS Devices in all the WHIDE cabs. Since we take the distance directly from GPS devices, you get the exact location from metre to metre, foot to foot. Even if you’re passing through a tunnel or underpass, the device records the exact GPS location every time.