For every 10,000 km you complete via the WHIDE platform, we will donate a wheelchair on your behalf. It is a beautiful way to realistically help somebody in need. This small gesture has the power to transform their life.

The gift of a wheelchair can change lives in unprecedented ways. It allows some to finally be able to visit doctors, enroll in school and even start a small business. Your contribution will go a long way in helping them become mobile.

A wheelchair has been seen to be fundamental in bringing families together and helping them enjoy life together. It is the little joys that bring smiles on the faces of our beneficiaries and their families.

How many people in the world have a physical disability and require a wheelchair?

- In the 34 developed countries it is estimated that 1% or 10,000,000 people require a wheelchair
- In the 156 developing countries it is estimated that at least 2% or 121,800,000 people require a wheelchair
- Overall, of the 7,091,500,000 people in the world, approximately 131,800,000 or 1.85% require a wheelchair
- In developing countries, less than 10% of people who require a wheelchair have access to one

So how many people in the world need a wheelchair but don’t have one?

- In the developed countries the number is less than 500,000 (5% of 10 million)
- In the developing countries the number is at least 109,620,000 (90% of 121.8 million)
- The total is just over 110,000,000

How is the need for wheelchairs changing?

With the world population increasing by 187,500 each day, there is an additional need for almost 3,500 wheelchairs every day (1.85% of the world population). That means that every hour of every day, 24 hours a day, there is the need for 145 more wheelchairs in the world.

We thank each one of you who is supporting us on this journey of reaching out to the beneficiaries across the country. We thank our partner organisations without whom this could not be possible.

*Stats and data taken from a study by The Wheelchair Foundation, California, USA.